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Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

I was raised with regular references to ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’, meaning that essentially if you believe it will happen then it will – because you will take action in that direction. Sometimes it is because our actions change the reality, other times it just changes how we view or experience the reality.

More and more I am seeing people with core beliefs that really are not serving them AND they come true.

* A man who believes he doesn’t deserve his family because of an intrench childhood belief about his worthlessness, is more likely to not make the effort to be the man deserving of his family.

* A woman who believes no one wants to be her friend, shies away from social interactions, and reads all opportunities negativity, tends to remain friendless.

* A child who think s/he is dumb doesn’t bother studying for the test and fails.

As opposed to…

* A man who believes he is worthy of his family because of an intrench childhood belief about his worthiness is more likely to act with pride and own his mistakes with apology and self-compassion.

* A woman who believes she is a great friend, finds a smile in a crowd and introduces herself.

* A child who think s/he is smart wants to continue to grow and achieve, so studies for a test and does well.

I appreciate that life isn’t this simply and loads of other factors influence our choices, behaviours, and opportunities. But for those who are being restricted by core beliefs about themselves, maybe it’s time to really examine where these come from and whether they are serving you now.

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