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How Frienship REALLY Works

It is often interesting to look at the roles that people play in our lives. When we stop and realise the important parts played by individuals, we can stop judging them in relation to everyone else. Some friends keep you feeling young; others prop you up when you’re feeling down; some are key to making us feel ‘normal’; while others keep us ‘real’; and we all need the responsible friend who remind us that its sensible to make the choices that we make.   All sounds wonderful, until you start to look at the things you don’t appreciate… the one
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Change Your Thoughts – change your life

SELF CARE What the mind believes the body will follow Each affects the other Every thought you entertain affects your body and your emotions. Every physical action affects your mood and your thinking. Walk around, head down, body slumped forwards and notice how this affects your mood.  Your body can reflect how you feel.  This is why it is important to listen to the signals your body sends you. Your thinking affects your physical state. If you spend a while going around silently telling yourself that you can’t cope or that you’re a failure or that ‘it’s all too much’
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How Every Day Sadness Can Be Misdiagnosed – What’s the Real Story?

DIAGNOSIS… “SAD, BUT NOT TOO SAD”! I am often asked to “fix” people who are sad, nervous, angry, tired, worried; and many would assume that this is a reasonable ask of therapy.   I agree that there is certainly a level at which therapy is recommended when these “emotions” persist, increase beyond ‘normal’ or interfere with everyday life. However I am often struck by the rush to diagnose and prescribe the standard human emotions.  We know that if people suppress these emotions that it has profound impacts on their physical and mental health; and eventually these (or other) emotions ‘leak
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