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What the mind believes the body will follow


What we think and believe we create

Each affects the other

Every thought you entertain affects your body and your emotions. Every physical action affects your mood and your thinking. Walk around, head down, body slumped forwards and notice how this affects your mood.  Your body can reflect how you feel.  This is why it is important to listen to the signals your body sends you.

Your thinking affects your physical state. If you spend a while going around silently telling yourself that you can’t cope or that you’re a failure or that ‘it’s all too much’ then this will cause you to feel tense, demoralised, and physically tired.

What to do about it

How do we make use of this mind-body relationship?

You can make a difference simply by observing how the mind-body connection works — since this awareness alerts you to the need to manage how they affect one another.

  • Begin by becoming aware of your thoughts on on-going bases. How have I been talking to myself over the last hour or two?
  • Has my inner voice been angry, or complaining, or in a quietly self-encouraging way?
  • What mental images have been replaying over and over in my head?
  • Have I been picturing all the things that have been going wrong in my life recently (or, worse still, in the past)?
  • Have had been imagining all the unpleasant things that ‘could’ happen now or in the future?
  • Have I been focusing on the things that are going well in my life?

As you do this remain aware that it’s not the great new start that you are going to make tomorrow, or next week, or next month that is going to make you happy — it’s how you are managing your thinking, and how you use your body, from moment to moment or hour to hour and from day-to-day,

What does your inner voice say?

As you stop and pay attention about every now and then to how you are thinking you could consider:

  • What negative topics do you tend to dwell upon?
  • Do you think positively?
  • What do you avoid thinking about?
  • Are the topics which you think about concerning the future or the past?
  • How much of it is ‘negative’ and undermining?


How you think

It is not just what you think about but also how you do this thinking.  And each of us is unique and we each have our own ways of thinking.

Take time to give yourself some space mentally and physically.  A quiet walk will give you so much.  Take the chance to look at what is around you, outside, and not to sit inside with distractions.  E.g. phones, TV, computers etc.  Let you mind take a rest.  Someone has calculated that the mind has to deal with 460 billion different bits of information per second.  Imagine what we can do to help by just removing the unnecessary distractions from our life and take a break for a while.

Have you got any questions about this? Please leave your questions in the comments area and I will get back to you.


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