What the Mind Agrees With the Body Will Follow

The unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real fear and an imaginary one. 

mind powerBody and Mind healing; There are a great many conditions and specialty areas in medicine where clinical Hypnotherapy can be of great benefit and can contribute to positive treatment outcomes.

Introducing deep relaxation, management of discomfort and pain, confidence ego strengthening, anxiety and insomnia all work towards making the individual comfortable.

It is important to recognise that working with emotional disorders is not as simple as suggesting them away or imagining them disappearing.  It is essential to engage careful assessment and history taking prior to Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Therefore you, as the client, should only engage a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has experience in the field of psychotherapy, counselling or psychology.

In using hypnosis for medical problems are we then saying that all medical problems are “psychosomatic   In Western medicine we continue to struggle with unlearning that the mind and body are not two separate parts but are one?

Eastern medicine and philosophy has always held notion of the body/mind as indivisible and inseparable.  There is not vocabulary in Eastern medicine that separates the two.

Meridian energy techniques can assist in recreating emotional energy balance in the body and the mind.

Working with both mind and body is more beneficial and during the trance session of hypnotherapy, the subconscious can be tapped into for the benefit of the client, as this bridges the gaps between conscious and subconscious mind and body responses.

Teaching clients the skills necessary to aid their own treatment process gives the client control over their own bodies by removing stress, anxiety, fear and even panic.

In general, hypnosis can be a useful adjunct to more traditional medical treatments for several reasons.   This is in regard to the mind, attitudes and related emotions.  Traditional medicine can sometimes place limitations on their patients that he or she would not place on themselves.

Hypnosis works with the patient’s strengths and their own health and wellbeing and having some direct control over their bodies.

Make the effort to consider how your mind influences how you feel.  Make it a New Year resolution to pay particular attention to what can lead to being unwell, or having less energy to deal with the day to day. Do something about it early.   Then measure your success this time next year!

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