Understanding One Another

Arguing the merits of one’s position is wasted energy: facts and realities are nowhere near as definite as you would think.  Perhaps it’s time to stop pushing your point across in an attempt to get the other person to see the FACTS, and start being curious about how the other person is INTERPRETING the “facts”.

does it really even matter who is wrong or right?

does it really even matter who is wrong or right?

You work long hours in an attempt to provide for your family, you feel that the best way… to show your love and commitment to those you love is by making them secure.

BUT your partner interprets this differently…

They tell you repeatedly that you love your work and your money more than you love them. They tell you that love is about committing time to your family, not committing money… and so the fight continues. Does it really matter who is right? And is it even possible to find the truth in this?

The ONLY FACT is that two people are experiencing, interpreting and living the same events in different ways.

Perhaps it’s time to stop arguing the points, and starting understanding the interpretations. It is from understanding that appreciation, respect and love can prosper.

What do you think? Do you experience this in your relationship?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what most gets you stuck or annoyed.

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