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About us

Our Clinical Staff

We maintain a high standard of recruitment requirements to ensure that our staff have the qualifications, experience and characteristics required to work with our diverse and high need clients.  All staff of Bunbury Counselling are of a very high standard, and are engaged in regular professional development, supervision and practice review.

We employ clinicians with a blend of therapeutic and practical expertise.  Our staff have the capacity to work individuals, with couples, families, groups and communities; and professional groups.  Cross cultural competence is always an essential criteria; as is working with people with from other minority groups or lifestyle practices.

Our practice was developed on social work ideals, and therefore our staff are willing and able to work in diverse ways to meet client needs.  In our experience ‘depression’ is not always clinical, sometimes it requires the management of practical issues (housing, food, finances) rather than a clinical CBT approach.  In this way we blend therapeutic and pragmatic to provide holistic services that meet the needs of our clients.

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