Today, we live in a world that in so many ways differs from that of our Parents and Grandparents. Dads are actively parenting, whilst Mums are often in the workforce full-time; extended family support is limited, and the non-nuclear families are on the rise.

Yet parenting programs remain set up for the Mum-Dad-Two Kids version of family, without any understanding of the complexities of step, half, blended, separated and co-parenting families. Blended! is a fast-paced, fun and friendly look at non-nuclear parenting. One night out, as a couple, to learn what works, what doesn’t and why other families have no idea.

Launching Australia-wide in 2020 – Blended! is a program written by a Family Therapist who lives and breathes blended families. She once told a friend, “it is horrific, but it’s worth it!” when asked about blending families. She lives the battles every day herself – so don’t expect the cliché advice of a regular therapist or parent educator- this is real, this is hard, but this can be great. So come along, join us in getting your family in track as one happy, healthy, BLENDED family!

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