Counselling & Family Therapy

Bunbury Counselling offer a number of counselling and family therapy services, delivered by trained and experienced practitioners.


0_0_0_0_159_159_library_53366Counselling for families, couples and individuals using a systemic therapy approach, which views difficulties as arising in the relationships between individuals (language, behaviours, interactions), rather than within individuals themselves.  Systemic Therapists explore the connections between beliefs, meanings, behaviours in individuals and relationships within a family system.

Bunbury Counselling can work with individuals, couple or families, and may also involve personal or professional supports that surround them.

Bunbury Counselling staff are trained (post-graduate) in Systemic Family Therapy, along with Narrative and Solution Focussed Therapies, which compliment the Systemic models.


Bunbury Counselling provides Clinical Mental Health Social Work services to clients referred by a General Practitioner.  Full details about eligibility for these services can be  include:

•    Better Access to Mental Heath Care
•    Chronic Disease Management (Care
•    Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling
Referral Details
A referral from a General Practitioner (GP) is required to attract Medicare benefits.   Please note a long appointment is required with your GP for a Mental Health Care Plan or Chronic Illness Care Plan assessment.

Carrina Hampton
Level 2, Bunbury Plaza Offices, 123 Spencer Street BUNBURY WA 6230
(PO Box 6202 BUNBURY SOUTH WA 6230)
T/F. 0897219939
M.  0439 920 969

Service Requested:   Pregnancy Support Counselling (1-3 sessions)
Medicare Item:         81005

Service Requested:   Enhanced Psychological Strategies
Medicare Item:         80150; 80155; 80160; 80165; 80170 (Groups); 10956

Medicare Provider:    4109863K BUNBURY    /    4109867H COLLIE

Clinical Mental Health Counselling Fees
Fees are specific to the service undertaken, and can be provided on request.  Medicare Rebates (when applicable) cover a large proportion of the fee, with fee gaps ranging from $10.00-$100.00.  Please contact us directly if you have financial constraints, as concession fees may be available.