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Different kinds of privilege

We had an interesting discussion today about a different kind of privilege.

The privilege that comes from a safe childhood and the knowing that ones family is always a safe place to fall. Even as adults knowing that you can return ‘home’ to mum, dad, grandparents or siblings no matter what the issue.

This is a privilege denied to too many.

Such knowing does not come from childhoods without issues – in fact it is through the rupture and repair process that we truly know we will be supported. It is through making mistakes and being forgiven; through telling the truth a being acknowledged for doing so; it is through lying and learning how this never helps; it is through learning that we can be loved and supported, even when we have disappointed or angered our loved ones.

The privilege of knowing that we can be human, we can err, and we will still be loved and supported. May this be shared with our children and generations to come.

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