Our Hypnotherapist, Carrina Hampton, has been working therapeutically with children, teens and adults for over twenty years. She discovered hypnotherapy when sitting in with a colleague 10 years ago, and was instantly convinced of its benefits. She then trained herself, and is now into her 9th year of clinical work.

While Hypnotherapy sessions are often scheduled weeks or months apart, there is growing evidence that intensive programs held everyday for five days, or even multiple times per day can deeper and quicken progress.

“An unexpected discovery in doing multiple sessions in a limited time is how they promote compounded positive effects, meaningful personal growth, and positive behavior changes” (Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy).

Intensive Hypnotherapy group programs are scheduled to suit; with school holiday programs perfect for children and teens. We also welcome inquiries if the times schedule do not meet your needs.

In additional to a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Carrina is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, who combines hypnosis with a range of focussed psychological strategies, for treatment under GP Mental Health plans. These referrals provide for Medicare rebate towards session fees.

Intensive Hypnotherapy