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Mindset / Consciousness we hold about Family

I have been exploring mindsets/consciousness lately, especially as it applies to opening yourself up to the things you want in life.

It has been interesting for us as a family to discuss that we hold a “work hard for what you get” mindset to income (and my gosh we certainly do); yet we hold a much more open, flow approach to people and relationships – welcoming anyone and everyone into our lives who want to live life alongside us.

And guess what…?…. money does come with very hard work… yet we are surrounded by people, who we love, laugh with and consider family. Our home is always filled with friends and family… maybe because we open the door to that!?

So tonight his made we wonder about the mindset / consciousness we hold about family, and more specifically the family without our home.

  • What is your relationship and history with the concept of Mum/Dad? (what roles did they play in your early years that have shaped your core believes now?)
  • What is your relationship and history with the concept of Step-Mum/Step-Dad? (Disney did no favours to Step-Mothers!!)
  • When and how did you learn to define family? Who belongs and who does not?
  • What is your first memory of understanding family and parental roles? Who earns the money? Who cooks dinner? Who can be relied upon to babysit? Do kids help around the house? Is pocket money helpful or harmful?


And most importantly how helpful, or unhelpful are these ideas now? If we could change our relationship with these concepts what would we love it to look like? What do we aspire for, and how will we make that happen?


Aspiration/Affirmation: Happy Families play and laugh together!
Action: Sunday night is games night in our home!

Aspiration/Affirmation: Every member contributes as a family member, for teamwork, connection and a sense of achievement.
Action: Family jobs, and recognition of contribution.

Aspiration/Affirmation: Safe communication aids connection and resilience.
Action: 1-1 time with each child/family member (once per month); daily conversation time at the dinner table; big issues are discussed as a family.

I would love to hear your idea of your perfect family… and how you plan/act to achieve that???

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