Professional Consultations

Bunbury Counselling provides consultations services to individuals and organisations working in human/community service, counselling or birth services roles.  Some such services are detailed below; however consultation services can be tailored to meet your individual needs.


Clinical supervision is available for social workers, therapists, counsellors and birth support professionals (including doulas, childbirth educators etc), who are seeking regular support with the debriefing around practice issues, review of clinical practice and development of their practice models. Bunbury Counselling undertakes supervision utilising a systemic and social constructionist approach in which supervisee’s are encouraged to review practice issues in relation to their chosen practice models, review their own place in the practice, map the issues/impasses, consider the position of their organisation/colleagues, explore the mutual influences in practice, and apply evaluation and justification of practice.


Bunbury Counselling has professionals with a long history of successful tendering for small and larger grants and funding. We have a range of staff trained in writing tenders and funding applications, as well as experience in a range of application types including Federal Government, State Government, Lotterywest, Corporate and Community applications.

We can support individuals and organisations in a range of areas; if your organisation is inexperienced in grant writing, or can’t find the time to write an application, our consultants can enable your applications to be completed in a comprehensive and timely manner.

The level of support provided can vary with your needs, however the ‘Consultation Process’ list below provides some examples of the services we can provide.


Bunbury Counselling consultants can be engaged to work with you in the development of project plans and applications, to support the development of your skills over time.   They can also provide editing and review services for your support prior to the submission of your applications.

Consultation Processes
Depending on the size and purpose of your project there may be many or just a few steps in the consultation process.  These may include:·
•    Project Planning (to refine objectives, strategies, timelines, budgets)
•    Community/Stakeholder Consultation
•    Sourcing Funding Options
•    Drafting of Support Letter templates
•    Sourcing of Support Letters
•    Meeting with Advisory/Reference Group
•    Sourcing Quotes for Budget Items
•    Drafting of Application
•    Application Review and Completion
•    Application Submission


Many services require external evaluations to be undertaken to meet the needs of management, service planning or funding bodies.

Bunbury Counselling can provide evaluation services to suit your individual needs, and may include pre and post surveying, client interviews, stakeholder interviews, contextual or literature reviews and report writing.