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Energy Flows and Self Care

Do the people in your life energize or deplete you? Today we are talking about some of the common reasons we can be depleted of energy via our relationships and how you can analyze them and make changes to help bring more energy back to you. We live in a mutual world where we spend our days giving and sharing with others. Sometimes these relationships are reciprocal displaying an even amount of giving in both directions. But some of our relationships are more one directional, with energies and time being directed mostly from one person to the other, with very
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How Every Day Sadness Can Be Misdiagnosed – What’s the Real Story?

DIAGNOSIS… “SAD, BUT NOT TOO SAD”! I am often asked to “fix” people who are sad, nervous, angry, tired, worried; and many would assume that this is a reasonable ask of therapy.   I agree that there is certainly a level at which therapy is recommended when these “emotions” persist, increase beyond ‘normal’ or interfere with everyday life. However I am often struck by the rush to diagnose and prescribe the standard human emotions.  We know that if people suppress these emotions that it has profound impacts on their physical and mental health; and eventually these (or other) emotions ‘leak
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